27 April 2009

Miss Arizona addresses Universal Health Care


  1. Wow. Talk about answering a question directly. Looks like she's learned from our current crop of politicians.

  2. Don't know why that was included with "stupid videos". Seems like a really smart answer for someone who wants to avoid controversy. Unlike poor Miss California, who chose to actually state her beliefs and was vilified for it.

  3. It wasn't that bad. She pretty much said it was an apolitical issue and more one of ethics or integrity. You know as in, the right thing to do.

    Man, I have seen much worse out of these girls.

    Yeah well, as far as Ms. Ca. fortunately I had never heard of Perez Hilton before now. Maybe he framed her.

    Wot a crock.

  4. If they're all worried about offending someone who doesn't believe in what they say - then why bother asking the questions in the first place.

  5. Ahh yes. This one has seen Princess Diaries. "A diplomatic answer. Polite, but vague."

    Unfortunately, a bit too much stress on the 'vague.'

    Oh, and Miss California's fall was not for stating her beliefs -after all, hers is the same as our most(ly) beloved President- but rather in the way she stated it. "We live in a land that we can choose - same-sex marriage or opposite marriage," "In MY country"...she answered the question poorly, incorrectly, and her train of thought was disjointed at best.

  6. Why are beauty pageant contestants being judged upon whether or not they hold Liberal views? I suppose the pageant is now a venue for the judges to foist their opinions upon the audience by making it clear that non-Democrats will be punished for giving the "wrong" answer.


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