28 April 2009

Stairway to... hell?

(credit unknown)


  1. Hello! I couldn't find where to email you so I thought I'd do it this way. I have a site: http://safetygraphicfun.com and one of my readers pointed me to this sign of yours. I think it might be a good candidate for my site but would like your permission to use it.

    I look forward to hearing from you and congrats on your finalist status on the 2008 weblog awards!

  2. Thanks, Julia, for your polite inquiry.

    I'm sure you understand that this isn't "my" photo. I found it on one of those innumerable photoaggregating sites that don't give credit to the original source.

    Before posting it, I did do a TinEye reverse image search, without success. I did post it, on the assumption that doing so in a noncommercial blog would be forgivable.

    You're of course welcome to repost the image; if you do mention TYWKIWDBI, I would favor doing so as a "found at" or "via" link, not calling it a "credit."

    p.s. - you have an interesting and entertaining blog.



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