28 April 2009

Scientists remain baffled...

... about how the swine flu passed from pigs to humans -
"[We had] no indication of human cases of direct contact with pigs but this can never be totally sure and the probability that this virus could come from pigs directly could not be anyway ruled out totally," he said.
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And, in a related story, an Israeli official is offended by the term "swine flu," which he claims is insensitive because of certain religious beliefs. He wants the strain renamed the "Mexican flu."


  1. Isn't the name "Mexican flu" a lot more offensive to Mexicans than "swine flu" is to Muslims and Jews?

    Great picture for this, btw.

  2. I would think so. The same thing happened with the "Spanish flu" in I think 1918. It's also a bit presumptuous for someone (even an "official") to speak on behalf of everyone.

  3. I suspect that the reason behind the official's statement, is that they don't want people afraid to come forward to say they are infected, which they might if they are muslim or jew, and it's called 'swine flu'.

    However, he probably should have just asked for a name change, rather than suggest one =P


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