28 April 2009

This modern world

Addendum: see the link in the Comments re this possibly being a prank.


  1. I really can't understand why people are displyaing every single aspect of their lives over the internet. This kind of backlash will happen more and more. Not to mention privacy concerns.
    Well, I guess that without internet, this guy would be dumb enough to get caught anyhow. Some things never change.

  2. I think that employers should not be allowed to do this sort of thing, it amounts to following people around on the weekends.
    Admittedly, people ought to be a bit more intelligent than they are... but that is a generalisation. more specifically people ought to be more intelligent about what they post on the net.

  3. Ah...the age of Twitter. Next time I manage anything I'll make sure I subscribe to all my employees Twitters!

  4. Here is the original story.


    Oh and FYI for non-Australians. The image lists his political views as "Liberal Party of Australia". Thanks to the vagaries of history the Liberal Party are anything but liberal (see War in Iraq, Workchoices, MVP Tampa, Children Overboard Scandal, etc).


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