12 April 2009

Blog Appreciation and Exploration Day

It was one year ago today that someone linked to TYWKIWDBI for the first time, so I'm going to use this anniversary to express my appreciation for links and in the process offer visitors a list of blogs to consider visiting.

Ten days ago I invited anyone who has linked to this site (especially those with small blogs) to participate; I visited those sites, confirmed the links* to TYWKIWDBI and the veracity of the descriptions.

Below are 18 blogs, listed in the order of replies received, not in any ranking of merit. I would note, however, that five of these blogs were already ones I visit on a regular basis, and while compiling this list I added two more that I had initially overlooked.

These 18 vary considerably in their content and style; I invite you to browse through them and explore what they have to offer. I think I can guarantee that you will find something of interest.

The Pajama Pundit
A place for varying political ideologies to come together and discuss issues. Character attacks are forbidden, which helps to open up the dialogue. Politics and media are the primary focus, with a little bit of entertainment thrown in as well.

Eyesights in Time
A "slightly to the right of center" daily blog that explores politics, technology, humor, parenting, and the whimsical events that surround our lives. It's a place for intelligent debate, a few laughs, and even the occasional informational tidbit.

Wellington Square Books
Based from an independent bookshop in Lionville, Pennsylvania where we sell used and rare books. We post about publishing news, what we've read recently, and anything else that strikes our fancy as book-lovers.

Zeitgeist in a Petiole
I started the blog with an eye toward showing how net culture and so-called "real life" are intersecting and growing into a new culture whose contours are still taking form. Actually, it's really just stuff I like from the web, and I also throw in the occasional bloviation for good measure.

Uncleputts’s Blog
(no description offered)

Brain Rage
The site started out predominantly as a political blog early in the last presidential race (I've been an Obama fan for years now) but has expanded to include art, literature, science, history, religion, technology, pop culture and anything else I find interesting. Part Internets DJ and part pissed off ranting, I do it purely for fun and have no plans to become rich or famous as a result.

Mindbook is a blog about poetry, poetics, and poesis; in it, I am unfolding ideas that have anchored my own long practice as a poet, and exploring the connection between the individual body and the body politic.

Mercury’s Garden
I cover conspiracies and comic books. I have posted a rather large collection of comic book images that resonate 9/11, and they were printed prior to 9/11.

News Grift
Satirical news encompassing technology, business, sports, politics, and other assorted subjects.

Reciprocity Failure
A Blog about: Photography, Life and the Occasional UFO...

Spotlight Sunburn
Almost brand spanking new blog that chronicles the slow but steady journey through the world of showbusiness, theatre specifically. The ins and outs of acting classes, business tidbits, links to resources, artistic insight, and, hopefully, eventual discussions and shared experiences with readers.

Titam et le sirop d'érable (Titam and Maple Syrup)
Titam deals with a lot of things, funny things, graphism, music, and medical history. It's all in French, but many posts don't require you to speak the language.

Artist Survival Skills
A blog for visual thinkers and lovers of the visual arts.

Wannabee Winemaker
I am a thirty-something woman, bravely embarking on a new career as a(n intern) winemaker. This blog is about wine, winemaking, and eclectic interweb goodness.

The iHandbill
The iHandbill was started last September and is "a retired journalist's take on the news."

Offtrack Pages, Paradesi
I blog primarily for Indian Americans, but have stuff which will interest almost everyone.

Lying Bastard
It's pretty simple, really: I lie. I heap it on, create parallel truths, and try never to reveal anything that resembles reality without creating some laughs in the process.

A repository of things I find interesting, and stuff that is primarily of interest to me, that others may in turn find useful.

Image credit: Technorati "State of the Blogosphere"

*Internet Stumblings, Uncouth Heaven, and Wealth Itself, I didn't find any links to TYWKIWDBI; please let me know if I missed one, and I'll add you to the listing.


  1. Hi Minnesotastan. The link is in the dark gray sidebar, underneath the "Just Interesting" Header.

    News Grift

    Thanks for your consideration.

  2. Happy Anniversary and many thanks for letting The iHandbill be part of it!

    Larry Ray

  3. Ruddy - you are correct (of course). I must have been searching for the acronym and missed the name. Post amended. Thanks for the headsup!

  4. MINDBOOK does have a link to your blog; it would be great to have it linked on yours! Look again if you like at www.mindbook1.blogspot.com.


  5. T.R. Hummer - I found it. Interestingly the "search" function at the top of blogspot blog doesn't seem to search the sidebars.

    I've added you in.


  6. First of all, thank you very much for listing my blog. I really, really appreciate it.

    I would just request a correction. Your link to Offtrack, Paradesi... which is my blog is pointing to page 4 of the blog instead of the main page.

    The main page is at:

    Thank you again and a very happy anniversary !!

  7. Much obliged for the link and keep up the great work you do. TYWKIWDBI is such an interesting, eclectic read.

  8. I enjoy your posts, interesting and a wide variety of subjects, thank you

  9. Congrats on the anniversary Stan! Thanks so much for listing my humble e-abode. I think that an annual celebration of appreciation and exploration could definitely catch-on in the blog-world.

    Keep up the great work!

  10. Paradesi link fixed. I had pasted in a link after browsing rather than using the one you sent. Cheers.

  11. What about Andrew Sullivan? I love his blog, but he reposts things from your blog so often (and without attribution) that it is like a way-back machine. You should call him out on it.

  12. Nonsense. He is very courteous, and in fact even more scrupulous in terms of giving credit for photos to original sources rather than doing the "lazy way" most of us do using a "via."

    As far as I know has always linked to TYWKIWDBI.

    If you see things that you think should have been linked to me but aren't, it's probably because we are getting similar material from different sources. With so many blogs and sources, that often happens.

  13. What about Scribal Terror?


  14. To Anonymous - Participation was for those bloggers who requested to be included. I didn't list everyone who linked to TYWKIWDBI, just those who wanted to be in the list.

  15. THANK YOU for referencing my blog s part of Blog Appreciation and Exploration Day. Visits to my blog peaked yesterday higher than in a long time Stan. My sincere thanks from a source I admire and respect. I spend a lot of time visiting your blog and feel in synch with you. Again! Sincere thanks!

    Chris Tyrell
    Artist Survival Skills

  16. Hello, Stan

    If I had been paying attention, I would have found the email you sent me much earlier than I did. You're absolutely right, I didn't provide you with any information about my site.

    It's pretty simple, really: I lie. I heap it on, create parallel truths, and try never to reveal anything that resembles reality without creating some laughs in the process.

    Thanks for taking the time to drop me a line. You've sent some visitors my way.

    - Cooper


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