27 December 2008

Old Sears catalogs complete online

Want to browse Christmas "wish books" from Sears (and Spiegel, J.C. Penney, FAO Schwartz) from when you were a kid? Want to know what your parents paid for your Christmas presents.

Catalogs from 1940 to 1988 are stored here. Be patient while they load; some have 600 images.

Embedded above are the pages showing microscope sets ($5 - $15), chemistry sets with lots of toxic materials ($5 - $28), and a Lionel train for $40. I wonder what the latter would go for now on eBay new-in-box. Would have been a better investment than General Motors stock...


  1. Have you seen this site, with over 160 catalogs:


    1. I had not seen that one. I'll check it out. Tx.


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