28 December 2008

Is the Yellowstone caldera becoming more active?

There was a swarm of sixteen earthquakes in 24 hours this weekend (map above, updates at this link). It probably is not significant, but it is worth remembering that the Yellowstone caldera is a hotspot above a supervolcano, the eruption of which would mean theendoflifeasweknowit, at least for the United States. The Yellowstone one has erupted approximately every 600,000 years, and the last eruption was... lets see... 600,000 years ago.

Found at Reddit, where there is a discussion thread.


  1. and this is the one that whipped out the dinosaurs?

    1. No man, that was an asteroid-cum-meteorite SIXTY-FIVE million years ago that wiped out the dinosaurs, not a supervolcano only TWO million years ago. North American populations of wooly rhinoceros suffered, though!


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