31 December 2008

Megachurch gets heliport

A Federal Way megachurch won approval Monday to add a helicopter takeoff and landing area, called a helistop, on its property.

It will enable Pastors Casey and Wendy Treat of Christian Faith Center to shuttle by air between the 15-month-old Federal Way church and its Everett campus...

The church will use the helistop only on major religious holidays and for special guest speakers, said Hulsmann, owner of Abbey Road Group Land Development Services. Another case would be a special event, such as Wendy Treat’s birthday, so she could be at both campuses for services, Hulsmann said...

(Curious about the distance involved, I used Mapquest to check. It's about a 50 mile drive.)


  1. Why have a megachurch unless you have megaperks? Surely you don't expect them to actually follow the teachings of Jesus just because they call themselves Christian?

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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