23 December 2008

Canadian "creek circle" documented with video

About six months ago I blogged photos of "round ice" spinning in a Russian river. This week someone posted a video (embedded above) of a somewhat similar phenomenon in Canada.

The knee-jerk reaction in discussion threads is that this is "fake" or "photoshopped" (video??), but in my view these are natural phenomena. The one above appears to be at the bend of a creek where there is likely a natural eddy.

An article in the (Toronto) National Post gives more details re the one in the video above, including comments from a "river specialist" who postulates re the mechanism of its formation, and the photographer's observation that the ice had newly formed and was too thin for anyone to have walked on to cut the circle.

Update Jan 14: A similar "ice disk" has been seen in Devon - the first one recorded in the U.K.

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