02 March 2010

Charlie Brooker analyzes American news media

Via Cynical-C.


  1. I would rather have a talking oven mit with a face on it give me the news than a lot of the people that currently are.

  2. Yep, he's certainly got their number. What passes for journalism in this country today, not just on television but too often in the print media also, is enough to give any sane person a bad case of heartburn.

  3. O..M..G. Were the clips he was using, like, for real?

  4. Oh yeah, real as real... it's so embarrassing to watch really bad acting!

    The thing with O'Reilly 20 years back has been set to music. You can sing along to it here. http://dailymoaner.com/?p=2049

    Definitely not suitable for work.


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