14 August 2009

Montage of movie "cut/slide" episodes

TYWKIWDBI does not like to promote violence in movies - at least, not the gratuitous violence that panders to the juvenile mindset. However, we do enjoy movie montages such as the "Wilhelm Scream," and when violence is compressed into a montage it becomes almost surreal.

With that cop-out introduction in place, we offer the montage above of "cut/slide" moments from films (none of which we've ever seen). The term refers to sudden transection of the human body, followed by its fragmentation.

Warning for extreme graphic violence.


  1. Yee-haw! Great lunchtime entertainment. Thanks, Stan.

  2. What was the movie shown at the end with the little girl on the ship?

  3. Ghost Ship, I think. It's not great.


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