09 August 2009

"The Grenata Street Army" - color photos from 1915

Its fuselage was made of a box; the machine-gun of a coffee grinder, to which was added a section of a broom handle, and a propellor which could be rotated.

In mid-flight, Pépète’s plane is up in the sky, hanging from a street light, and, with a magistral machine-gun sweeping (a coffee grinder, as you remember), the famous pilot has just brought down his enemy, who is now nosediving towards the ground.

Leon Gimpel was one of the first and perhaps one of the finest "autochrome" photographers. Working out of Paris in the early 1900s, he published some of the world's first color photographs when L'Illustration printed his autochromes of soldiers and of royalty visiting France. His most famous photos are those of children from Grenata Street (more pix from the set here).

More info re autochrome photographers of WWI is at Luminous Lint.

Photo credits via the Australian War Memorial.

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