06 August 2009

Distribution of religions in the United States

While looking up data on Mormons for a post below, I encountered on the website for Valparaiso University maps showing how religions are distributed in the U.S. I've embedded several above. I'm sure there's no information here that couldn't be intuited by a well-informed person, but maps are great tools for displaying complex information in a manner that's easy to assimilate.

There are a couple dozen other maps at the link.


  1. I enjoy the colors and font used on these maps, I feel that I am in a library looking an atlas that is over 100 years old.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, I often wonder about religious distributions myself.

  3. It would not be nice to overlay these maps over ones showing social indicators like illegitimacy and murder, looking to see which religions best predict them. But if you do, I'll send you ten bucks.


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