11 May 2009

To catch a (baptizing) predator

COLORADO SPRINGS — Representatives of a local Christian church tried to lure a seventh-grader at Russell Middle School into a church van last week, school district officials said.

As a result, the principal sent students home with a letter to parents asking that they instruct their children not to talk to strangers, and the district has beefed up security...

...sources told The Gazette that it was Cornerstone Baptist Church, which is about 2.5 miles from the school and has gotten into trouble in the past for baptizing children without parents' permission.

The van in the photo is not the church van; it is an unrelated van.


  1. The Mormon church does this all the time with dead people. They'd better not baptize me when I'm dead! I'll find a way to come back and haunt them.

  2. haha that's awesome. my sister was actually baptized without permission by a neighbor

  3. @Barbwire I was raised LDS (aka wrongly as Mormon) and while they do offer baptism for the dead, or by-proxy as it's called; the whole concept is that it is an offer to the person in the afterlife that they have the choice to accept or reject. People are only allowed to do it by-proxy for family members they have the records for.

    It's an understandable, but knee jerk reaction that you and other people have to whole concept, but I think it's kind of elegant to offer your relatives a chance to be with you in the afterlife. Whatever your belief's are.


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