02 May 2009

How to keep a Swede busy all day

With apologies to my cousins in California and Oregon who have some Swedish blood, I can't resist blogging this classic joke.

"How do you keep a Swede busy all day?"  Answer here.


  1. How did you know I was Swedish? Well, this just proved it.

  2. All of my grandparents were Russian Jews, or so they said.

  3. Not being a Swede or from the US, I don't get it. A Swede will keep on clicking to get the answer? But someone has blogged the whole thing on their own blog


    Word for word with the apology to people from California and Oregon but without a single word of acknowlegement for the source. That's' rude, in my view.

  4. I always target blondes. The reason being, "What do all blondes share in common? Their hair comes from a bottle." Or in other words, I target those who choose to become a target, not those who were born that way.

    I still miss my little blondie.


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