08 December 2008

The Saga of the Severed Feet continues

TYWKIWDBI has been following this story since February, when just three severed feet had been found. The total has risen to seven, although the RMCP is now emphasizing that the feet are not technically "severed" since all indications are that they have been separated from their host bodies by normal decompositional processes rather than by a madman with a chainsaw.

According to a new report out this weekend, DNA evidence shows that two of the feet match and belonged to a woman. This is the second matching pair, because in July two of the feet were found to belong to the same man.

The CBC has kindly created an interactive map for those who want to keep score at home. The image above is a screencap of the map, the original of which is at this link.

The top image shows one of the shoes of the matched pair belonging to the woman (a size 7 New Balance with blue trim). It was released in the hopes that someone will recognize the shoe as having been worn by a loved one. I found it a bit startling, since the shoes match those worn by my wife, whose feet are thankfully intact.

When this saga began in February, I labelled the post "ephemera," assuming the topic would no return. With no end in sight, I've decided to create a new label for these posts, all of which are now accessible by clicking on "severed feet" in the list of labels.

Addendum: local Vancouver video here.

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