16 August 2019

The problems of minimum wage, lucidly explained

A five-minute summary shows how the inflation-adjusted minimum wage is lower now than in 1960, how congressional step-changes to the wage are difficult for employers to predict and manage, and how different the United States is from the rest of the world in the implementation of this measure.

I didn't see the narrator's name.  She sounds remarkably like This American Life's Zoe Chace.

Screencap from the video:

And for the record....


  1. Raising the minimum wage is nice, but that also raises the prices of everything in the store. I wish that my SS and pension would also get a raise.

    1. If you believe in "trickle down," keep on waiting...

      If you don't: vote, protest, make your voice heard and follow with action that tells the rich: lowering their taxes and outsourcing our jobs while keeping their profits offshore will no longer be business as usual...

    2. And if you don't raise the minimum wage, the prices of everything go up anyway, and we get left farther and farther behind. The current method doesn't work; this is easily demonstrated, and understood by the rest of the world. It's that simple.


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