27 August 2019

Americans continue to drink bleach

As reported by Ars Technica:
The US Food and Drug Administration this week released an important health warning that everyone should heed: drinking bleach is dangerous—potentially life-threatening—and you should not do it. The warning may seem unnecessary, but guzzling bleach is an unfortunately persistent problem.

Unscrupulous sellers have sold “miracle” bleach elixirs for decades, claiming that they can cure everything from cancer to HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, flu, hair loss, and more. Some have promoted it to parents as a way to cure autism in children—prompting many allegations of child abuse.

Of course, the health claims are false, not to mention abhorrent. When users prepare the solution as instructed, it turns into the potent bleaching agent chlorine dioxide, which is an industrial cleaner. It’s toxic to drink and can cause severe diarrhea, vomiting, life-threatening low blood pressure, acute liver failure, and damage to the digestive tract and kidneys.

In this week’s warning, the FDA noted that some sellers will warn consumers that vomiting and diarrhea are common but say that those unpleasant effects indicate the solution is “working.”

“That claim is false,” the FDA wrote succinctly.
What kind of society have we evolved that it becomes necessary to warn the public - repeatedly - not to drink bleach because someone has suggested they do so??
The FDA says that the products have been hard to scrub out because of claims on social media, where the drinks are promoted along with false health information. Most of the claims can be traced back to Jim Humble, founder and “archbishop” of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, aka “The Church of Bleach.”

Humble has been touting the solution for nearly two decades, referring to it as MMS—Miracle or Master Mineral Solution. (It’s also known as the Miracle Mineral Supplement, the Chlorine Dioxide (CD) Protocol, and Water Purification Solution (WPS).) Humble is a former Scientologist who reportedly claims to be a billion-year-old god from the Andromeda galaxy.


  1. My town water is treated with chlorine; when I take along gallon jugs on a camping trip, and open them a day later, i can taste and smell 'bleach'.

  2. Y'know, I just don't care if these idiots do this to themselves. Anyone doing this to a child, or encouraging others to, should be locked away for a long time. Evil.

    1. When they do this to themselves, someone will need to pay the (exorbitant) medical costs in the American system. If they have an insurance program from their employer, the costs get redistributed to everyone on the following years premiums. If they have no insurance, the cost at a charity hospital is borne by taxpayers.

    2. Regardless of the system, someone will need to pay the (exorbitant) medical costs that result from drinking bleach, or a myriad of other stupid actions. That might be the people who have insurance, or the taxpayers, but it will be someone, or more likely, lots of someones.

    3. Y'know, I just don't care if these idiots do this to themselves.

      You only say this because you think you don't know anyone that would do such a thing. If your neighbor, cousin or auntie did such a thing, you would not be calling them an idiot.

      But regardless. This is a result of an education system that utterly fails to teach people critical thinking. It is penny-wise pound foolish to see education as a cost to society. Education is an investment in society. Educated people take care of themselves and become tax-payers. Uneducated people drink bleach and cost other tax-payers money.

  3. Garry Kasparov had written on Twitter regarding the how the FSB manipulates truth. They publish 5 different versions of an event. One of them is true. The other 4 are lies. In this way, they corrode the notion of truth. Anything is possible, right? So maybe bleach, is...ok? WTF OVER...

  4. Myles Power has covered MMS, and in particular its believers bizarre (and successful) attempts to dose thousands of unsuspecting Africans, on his youtube channel.



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