21 October 2017

Yellow wood

I didn't want to finish blogging for the day with that rhino image at the top of the blog.  Instead I'll finish with this photo I took last week in my favorite woods in Cass County, Minnesota.  I'm currently using it as my desktop image as an instant mental health break (click for fullscreen).


  1. when the leaves turn yellow or red, and it is a bright sunny day, and the sun is low on the horizon, and it is shining into the leaves - the color of the woods is simply wonderful. as that photo shows.

    it is not just that the leaves are brightly colored, but the sun is shining in low, and the reflection of that sunlight off the bright leaves and into out eyes is what makes it so!


  2. Anyone else start reciting Frost?

    1. I did while walking through there; I have that one memorized. Thus the title of the post.

  3. I had to memorize it as an assignment in 8th grade. 1993. But I suppose most did.


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