26 October 2017


As reported by The Telegraph:
The trend of breeding animals to make them more attractive even when it damages their health has spread to horses, vets are warning, after a stable released images showing a ‘cartoon-like’ colt.

Extreme breeding practices have already left animals like French bulldogs and pugs struggling to breathe as their faces have become squashed over time to suit human demands.

But vets believe that the worrying practice is now happening in horses after a US stud farm offered an Arabian Colt for sale with an strange concave, or ‘dished’ profile.
More details at the link.  Photo credit: Orrion Farms.


  1. I hate that people do this. I really, really hate it. (Though it's not terribly new in the equine world. There are lots of breeding practices that result in health problems for the horse.)

  2. No please no..this breaks my heart.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. When the grower on Chef's Table claimed nobody had asked him to develop strains of food exclusively for taste before, it got me thinking: does anyone breed animals exclusively to be better pets or companions? It seems like breeders only develop for looks (conformation) or for working/sport.

  5. Honestly that's where talking to your breeder and establishing a relationship is so important. I have an australian shepherd, but her line is made up of friendly, loving companion animals. She wouldn't do great in show, but she heards like crazy and is just unbelievably attuned to people. She loves everyone and is super intelligent. All I'm trying to say is, yes there are companion breeders out there that are small scale, legitimate, and insist on the best for their dogs.


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