17 October 2017

"I Stand For The National Anthem"

"There is a huge tv screen by the food carts right inside the stadium where people gather to watch. We went over there to check it out and we saw him spread the flag out and sit down."
Some additional details at Deadspin.

Addendum: validity of the image confirmed at Snopes (uncropped version there, with metadata).


  1. There is something flaky about this pic. What is that pole on the 4 yard line? What kind of field is this?
    And when you follow the link the guys says he saw this during the 3rd quarter. Really? When did they let the fans onto the field during the third quarter?

    1. Here is a photo of MetLife stadium -


      I presume the food carts are by that little mini-field outside the stadium with a large TV screen so people can watch what's going on inside.

      Nothing flaky except the guy.

  2. OK, that makes sense. I took a quick look inside the stadium. But I didnt see what they had going outside.

    1. Nothing wrong with a little skepticism, especially with pictures that stoke feelings of outrage. It's nice to see such a civil exchange for a change (skepticism met with elaboration met with acceptance). I agree, guy is a flake.

    2. Thanks Anon. my skepticism is fueled partly by my support for those taking a knee. If someone wants to misrepresent something….stay off my side!


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