26 October 2017

Mandatory cat cartoons

I don't remember the details, but when I signed up for blogging, there was some rule about a minimum number of cat cartoons per year.  In case I've become delinquent, I'll post these for 2017.

Via The New Yorker Book of All-New Cat Cartoons


  1. I think this puts you over quota.

  2. Regarding the cat with the Blake verse: Does anyone know if, in the "old days," "eye" was occasionally pronounced "ee"? (To match "symmetry"?)

    I mean, this isn't the only place where I've seen this type of rhyme.


  3. I think here it is more on par with slant rhyming as the next verse rhymes just fine... "In what distant deeps or skies, Burnt the fire of thine eyes?"
    But in some old Scottish poetry "eye" is indeed pronounced as "ee." Just can't think of an example right now.
    Ah, Roberts Burns' "To a Mouse"


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