30 October 2017

Wyatt Earp, 1923

For some reason it's hard for me to think of Wyatt Earp living in the "modern era," but in fact he was quite active in the 1920s, even serving as an unpaid consultant in silent cowboy movies.

His face in the portrait does have the appearance of someone who has seen some shit in his time. (Image cropped for size from the original; source misplaced).


  1. That consultant career was even the basis for a movie: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunset_(film) Nothing special, but an amusing enough look at early Hollywood and a teamup between Earp and Tom Mix.

  2. That "modern era" you're talking about is almost 100 years ago. But then again, it's only a little more than 30 years before I was born!

  3. Same here - I tend to think of something as being "recent" or "not too long ago" as being maybe 20 to 40 years before I was born, which was 1953.


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