21 October 2017

"Memorial to a species"

Photo credit Brent Stirton, photojournalist, who captured the image at South Africa’s Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park.  This image was the Grand Title winner in the Natural History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition for 2017.  Additional photos in several galleries at the link.


  1. We're a deplorable species as a whole as this photo and one previous demonstrates. And as ignorant and uncaring as we are- we don't even realize that ultimately, we are doing this to ourselves. We will abuse and suck this planet dry till every last drop of oil is gone, every last drop of water made undrinkable, every last breath of air tainted. And then, we will demand answers...

  2. I sign petitions, donate money when I can, make phone calls to legislators, but the situation worsens. The present administration is busy rolling back regulations to enrich those who could not spend all their money they currently have. At 69 I guess I don't have enough years left on this earth to undo all the damage they are doing daily. I want to apologize to the younger generations who are inheriting the mess these fools are propagating. I will continue to fight to protect endangered species, but I am afraid it is a losing battle...

  3. That is the kind of photo that, while reading this blog, I hope not see while reading this blog. Sorry, too gory for me.


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