15 October 2017


Found crawling on my jeans in the woods of northern Minnesota.  I should have placed him on my walking stick for the photo.

Fascinating creatures; I'm recurrently amazed that they are capable of flying.


  1. are those cut down ski poles that you are using as walking sticks? that is what i made mine from!


    1. They are "trekking poles" - adjustable length and collapsible for travel. You can find them in outdoor shops, Amazon, eBay etc.

    2. mine are from two ski poles, one with a broken tip, that someone threw out. i cut off the baskets on both. the poles then fit me just fine. for streetskiing, i have developed 3 or 4 different strides, depending on my desired speed, rhythm, and street slope.

      i am not that comfy with using them on terrain and trails, as i find myself looking down to see where i am putting them. that causes me to interrupt looking at what is around me as i walk the woods.



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