19 June 2014

War refugee

This young girl is fleeing Mosul.  The top image captures the starkness of the environment; the embed below offers a better view of the little girl.

Photo: Sebastiano Tomada/Getty Images, via The Dish.


  1. Poor kid. While politicians waffle back and forth, posture and play war along with those who commit to violence against their neighbors it's people like this little girl who suffer the most. Her promise to the future is in jeopardy because of greed, stupidity, and intolerance. This is going to sound silly but for all we know there goes the inventor of the faste-than-light drive, the doctor who cured cancer, a philospoher that fosters peace and love that would see billions live in harmony for thousands of years... but nope, not going to happen some heartless bastard thinks it's better to kill her and her parents or in the very least reduce her life to one of the dire squalor of the refugee.

  2. She better run, democracy is out to get her a**.


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