19 June 2014

Cardinal Sin

Jaime Lachica Sin was the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila and de facto Primate of the Philippines... His title and surname as Cardinal Sin (another term for a deadly sin) were a point of humour in the Philippines and for Philippine Catholics. Examples included "The greatest sin of all: Cardinal Sin", and even his own pun of "Welcome to the house of Sin" that he used to greet guests at Villa San Miguel, the Archbishop's official residence in Mandaluyong.
Discovered by listening to a podcast of QI's No Such Thing As A Fish.

1 comment:

  1. and he was one of the pointmen in overthrowing the Marcos dictatorship. He led a peaceful procession of half a million Filipinos who blocked Marcos' thugs from arresting General Ramos, who backed Cory Aquino as the winner of the election. So he is not just a joke.


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