19 June 2014

Printable "Battleship" game

One might argue that the paper-based version of the classic "Battleship" game has been rendered obsolete by electronic versions, but this archaic technology could come in handy on long camping trips and other special situations.

But that's only marginally relevant; I'm posting this to introduce a useful website.  Printable Paper has an extensive set of free-to-print paper products - particularly graph papers (I remember once searching fruitlessly for basic log-linear graph paper).  Dozens of different graphing formats are available at the link, along with music paper, quilting and cross-stitch papers, sports score sheets, and even blank templates for comics.


  1. We had a huge stack of those floating about the various households in my family during the 60's - 80's that one of my relatives printed up and gave to everyone. They got lot's of use during car rides and family parties to keep kids occupied.

  2. In Finland we play this game with one battleship xxxx, two cruisers xxx + xxx, three fighters, xx + xx + xx and four small boats x + x + x + x . "Osui ja upposi" - "hit and sunk" is a common word, which comes from the game and means that you have hit to the target in your opinion.

  3. I recall drawing up grids by hand for the kids on roadtrips. The one with the eraser always cheats.


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