05 December 2013

The Copenhagen Wheel

Unlike other similar products coming to market... Superpedestrian's unit (which slots on to your back wheel) is not about powering up continually to save yourlazy legs. A series of sensors are embedded in the red casing, which track your speed, incline, pedal-pushing prowess and other factors, in order to calculate when you need the power most. As such, the battery-powered 5.5kg pack will save energy, while also recharging every time you brake, powering up to speeds of 32km/h with a range of 48km.
Interesting video - and not a "concept."  This device is commercially available via Superpedestrian.  Too bad it costs $700.

Via The Dish.


  1. This doohickey was featured a few years ago on the Showtime series, "Weeds".

  2. Similar concept is with blueshockbike.lv it also adapts to your cadence and gives a boost when needed (no regerative braking yet though) One charge is good for 45km.


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