02 December 2013

If you lose something in a tornado...

... you may need to expand your search area beyond your neighborhood. 

This map, showing "Final locations of debris lofted from the Washington, Illinois EF-4 tornado" was posted at The Land of Maps - sadly without a citation to the original source (which I could not find with a TinEye reverse image search).*

*addendum:  image credit may be to Tom Sander.


  1. I've been following Land of Maps for a while, and entries often (always?) have corresponding discussions on reddit. This one's is here, and some distance in the reddit comment thread, there's a link to a Wunderground story.

    Apparently there's a facebook-mediated crowd-sourcing mechanism for data collection, but I wasn't able to track it down any better than that.

  2. Apparently someone named Tom Sander on the Washington Illinois Recovery Facebook page (it's in images)



    1. Thanks, Bub. I've added his name as a credit. The facebook link has him listed as a "via," but the Peoria one seems to credit it to him.


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