04 December 2013

A loon surfaces

One of my favorite birds.  This photo, by Mike Murray, placed second in the annual photography competition at the HBW World Bird Photo Contest.  Lots of great photos at the link, including this one of bee-eaters by Kit Day:


  1. This may seem like a silly comment to some readers, but as a native Texan, I've always wanted to hear a loon in nature. After several trips up to New England and Canada, it still has not happened. (Admittedly, at no point on those trips did I go out specifically looking for loons.)

    1. My HS English teacher and I bonded over the loons in Thoreau's Walden. It was years later when I had a job up in Boston that I finally made it to Walden Pond, and sure enough, loons calling all over. If you listen for them you'll hear them.


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