02 December 2013

Range of the cougar

This image, from The Land of Maps, shows only the animal's range within the United States.  For the overall American range, see this map from Wikipedia -

- which also provides a contrast between present and historical ranges.


  1. My grandmum supposed she'd seen a cougar once on our Iowa farm. She also claimed, however, that Missouri's DNR was in a shadowy plot to transport their own incursive cougars over the border to Iowa because mumble mumble mumble. Grandmum was a special lady.

  2. My dad and one of my cousins have each seen one in southwestern NC- one when I was in high school (~10 yrs ago) and the other either before I was born or when I was very young (~25-30 years ago).

  3. Not quite the "overall American range": http://felids.wordpress.com/about-the-cats/canadian-wild-cats/

  4. There are quite a few cougar rumors in southeast Texas. Most people are pretty happy about because while they can't take down an adult feral hog, they do snatch a few babies. Feral pigs are a huge problem here.

    What we really need are jaguars. They used to be found here but it's been 200 years since they've been this far north. There's still a population in South Texas, but it is very small and believed to be in danger since it can't interbreed as easily with the larger population in Mexico because of border fencing.

    Pretty cool there was a confirmed cougar sighting in CT very close to NYC.


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