22 November 2013

"... there will be a short delay..."

"Transtellar Cruise Lines would like to apologize to passengers for the continuing delay to this flight. We are currently awaiting the loading of our complement of small lemon-soaked paper napkins for your comfort, refreshment and hygiene during the journey. Meanwhile we thank you for your patience. The cabin crew will shortly be serving coffee and biscuits again.''..

"You're the autopilot?" said Zaphod.

"Yes,'' said the voice from the flight console.

"You're in charge of this ship?''

"Yes,'' said the voice again, "there has been a delay. Passengers are to be kept temporarily in suspended animation, for their comfort and convenience. Coffee and biscuits are being served every year, after which passengers are returned to suspended animation for their continued comfort and convenience. Departure will take place when the flight stores are complete. We apologize for the delay.''..

"Delay?" he cried. "Have you seen the world outside this ship? It's a wasteland, a desert. Civilization's been and gone, man. There are no lemon-soaked paper napkins on the way from anywhere."

"The statistical likelihood," continued the autopilot primly, "is that other civilizations will arise. There will one day be lemon-soaked paper napkins. Till then there will be a short delay. Please return to your seat."
TYWKIWDBI is also experiencing a slight delay.  The pilot has elected to take another mental health break/blogcation.  Service should be restored in a week or ten days.  In the meantime, those who feel bereft of ways to avoid doing the work they are supposed to be doing are reminded of the extensive past posts here, which can be accessed by going to the right sidebar and scrolling down to either the expandable "archive" and choosing a month before you became a regular visitor, or by selecting a Category.

Now please return to your seat.


  1. Ditto from Alex, 'Stan, you work far too hard at this blog.... Have a break for as long as you wish or need to. There are only about ten thousand other blogs for people to look at. None of us will lack sources of entertaining information and outrage.

  2. Excellence requires rejuvenation. Please come back when you can.

  3. And please, while you're on break, make sure you know where your towel is at!

  4. Love the Douglas Adams' quotation!

  5. That font looks familiar... Is that the Intermission screen from 2001: A Space Odyssey?

    1. I don't know where I found it, Jim. It must have been posted somewhere out of context, or I would have saved it with a source credit. I've never found a good way to get sharp screencaps from movies I'm watching at home. I can't seem to take pix of images from DVDs playing in the oomputer, and when I play them on TV and take camera photos, the resolution is poor. I used some of the latter for a post about The Lion in Winter and I think some Hitchhiker's Guide stills, but there must be a better way.


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