08 November 2013

Audrey Hepburn in the kitchen and Mark Twain in the garden

Oddly, what caught my eye (after Ms. Hepburn of course) was the garbage can, which reminded me that once-upon-a-time garbage cans were lined with newspapers, not with pull-closure plastic bags.  And they used to be small, not 30 gallons in size.

The photo comes from an imgur gallery of 29 colorized famous photos, some of them quite remarkably done, including this one of Mark Twain in a garden:

The others are worth browsing.


  1. I'd forgotten how truly beautiful Audrey Hepburn was. And Elizabeth Taylor's eyes! Yowza!

  2. Great pictures. As for the kitchen can, my. Grandmother still uses a can that size .

  3. I agree that these are great images, but I'm not sure I get the point of colorizing them. The digital artist can have no real idea what the actual colors were. Attractive vandalism.

    1. At the risk of replying with a "zen" type question - what difference would it make what the original colors were? If there is no independent source of information on the original colors (eyewitnesses, clothing remnants etc), then any hue the colorist chooses would be as valid as any other - assuming it was historically relevant and available. And as far as the photo looking like the "true reality" even a wrong color would look as much like reality as black-and-white, which is not how the original scene would have been perceived by a human eye.

      (I would concede that some photos were conceived and executed in B&W for the artistic purpose of avoiding distracting color. Architectural photography and technical photography would be prime examples).

  4. Great pic of Hepburn. Although I wonder why the sky outside the window hasn't been colorized like the rest of the photograph.



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