09 November 2013

I do like this Pope - updated

Addendum:   Found this story at Reddit today - "A couple being married at the Vatican were volunteers at a charity that uses humor therapy for sick children. So, when they met Pope Francis..."

It's the sort of behavior that wouldn't surprise me coming from a Lutheran clergyman, but that I would never previously have expected from a Pope.

"Germany’s recently suspended “Bishop of Bling” faces the prospect of seeing his lavish multimillion euro residence turned into a refugee centre or a soup kitchen for the homeless, Catholic church officials in his home diocese announced today.
Bishop Franz Peter Tebartz-van Elst was formally suspended last week amid accusations that he had spent over €31m (£26.5m) on renovating his official residence in Limburg. The charges, which earned the 53-year-old bishop his nickname, provoked outrage among German Catholics."


  1. Elect enough Popes, and you're bound to find some gems. This guy has his head in the right game.

  2. Doesn't change my view of the church, but I gotta admire the guy. He walks the walk.

  3. I'm not religious, but I think he's a cool guy nevertheless.

  4. I am in agreement w/ everyone else: you can admire him, even as an atheist.


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