04 November 2013

JFK assassination conspiracy theory re Secret Service standdown

Lots of JFK-related material will be posted this month in anticipation of the 50th anniversary of his assassination.  Here's an old video excerpt from some television program.

I presume the implications in the video have since been debunked by reliable researchers, but I was unable to locate such this morning.  I did find this comment in the relevant Wikipedia page:
Questions regarding the forthrightness of the Secret Service increased in the 1990s when the Assassination Records Review Board—which was created when Congress passed the JFK Records Act—requested access to Secret Service records. The Review Board was told by the Secret Service that in January 1995, in violation of the JFK Records Act, the Secret Service destroyed protective survey reports that covered JFK's trips from September 24 through November 8, 1963.
Conspiracy theory is often fascinating.


  1. I've seen this footage before. The end of America was the day that the CIA (George Herbert) slaughtered our president & got away with it. Apparently, he's the only one on the planet that doesn't recall where they were on that day. Perhaps we should ask him if can remember yet. While we're at it, we should ask his evil spawn what really happened on 9/11/2001.

  2. Probably the most fascinating theory I’ve come across is the “Tom Wilson” theory. You only need to watch the first 15 minutes of this to understand what he’s suggesting…..

    Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAdz78lgu8Y

  3. Terry Gross recently interviewed Philip Shenon who seemed to do a good job describing all the problems / incompetencies / conflicts of interest in the Warren Commission investigation without haring off into conspiracy land.

    I don't know much about Mr. Shenon's politics or academic / journalistic background so I hesitate to give him a full-throated endorsement, but from listening to the interview he seemed appropriately skeptical without being crazy.

  4. In the book Family of Secrets, author Russ Baker tears apart George H W Bush's account of where he was on the day of the assassination.

    A fascinating read: http://www.amazon.com/Family-Secrets-Dynasty-Powerful-Influence/dp/B002T45028


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