19 October 2010

Young girl holding fox that has been clubbed to death

A photo from the archives of LIFE.com, with their caption.

Photo: Wallace Kirkland./Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images. Mar 01, 1944


  1. Different time indeed. I recall a photo that may have been from the same story wherein a mod has surrounded a hapless fox and some men and a few boys are setting on it with clubs.

  2. That poor fox... Definitely a different time. In modern times, we've certainly developed more of a heart of animals.

    1. That's because our lives don't depend on our chickens staying alive for food anymore. If you are so poor that you are scratching out a living collecting chicken eggs, milking cows, growing crops, etc., you would probably become fairly ruthless towards predators eating up your animals. (Wolves, coyotes, foxes, etc.)

  3. I would humbly like to club that girl to death for participating in the death of that fox. Humans < anything


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