25 October 2010

Morphing video of CBS actresses

I am recurrently fascinated by morphing videos. The one above, by Philip Scott Johnson, features 60 years of television actresses on the CBS network, via Vimeo.  If this interests you, see my previous posts on morphing the presidents500 years of women in art, and Mona Lisa descending a staircase.

Found at J-Walk.


  1. It surprised me how few I could identify with certainty. So many of them look so much alike. Then some really stand out.

    I remember an old cartoon with caricatures of famous Hollywood stars from late thirtyies, early forties. I watched it with my daughter and her husband. We could identify almost 100% of the men, but the only woman we were sure of was Tallulah Bankhead. What does that mean? Why are so many women stars so interchangeable? Is it that they are chosen more for looks than for personality? Is it that it's good for men to be different, but not for women to be individuals? I'm really curious about this, and would love to hear others' opinions.

  2. I recognized a lot of them, but they went by so fast that I couldn't name most. Also, many do resemble each other a great deal. I am convinced that that is deliberate. A few examples, Jennifer Grey was beautiful in 'Dirty Dancing', now she has been modified to look like everyone else as much as possible. Katherine Heigel is another example of a beautiful woman modified to look like everyone else. Finally, there is Emily Procter who has been modified so much that she cannot manage any facial expressions more meaningful than those of C3PO. Apparently, women such as these, however talented, are so insecure that they feel that they cannot function unless the subsume their personalities and talents to their appearance.


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