12 October 2010

TYWKIWDBI supports Wikipedia again

This is my third fall season as a blogger, and my third time contributing to the support of Wikipedia.  The last two times I've done so, one malcontent has entered comments reprimanding me for my decision, offering what I consider spurious arguments not to make a donation.

I don't feel like repeating my rebuttal now.  Those interested can read my post last year and the relevant comments.

If you would like to contribute a few bucks to a site that probably saves you many hours of your precious time, just click on the button below...

Support Wikipedia


  1. Last year you got the most ardent anti-Wikipedia crusader on the Internet. Sad that someone would devote so much effort to malign something so useful…

  2. Perhaps he's a TYWKIWDBI reader. We get all sorts of visitors here.

  3. I'm with you... I love this blog, and although I don't use Wikipedia very much - it is still a useful tool to folks like you. So, like you, I donate to things that benefit me - if someone gets rich off that, so what? I applaud our country for being entrepreneurial :p

  4. Thanks for the reminder, I'm off to contribute to Wikipedia.

  5. I read your blog maybe 2-3 times a week at work and I would gladly put some $$ in a tip jar if you had one because you give me stuff I can talk about at work but since you don't have one I'll make a contribution to Wikipedia for you. Keep up the good blogging.


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