25 October 2010

A rant by Dylan Ratigan

"Morning Joe" is vehement: "We are not at war with Islam.  We are not at war with Muslims.  We are not at war with Afghanistan.  We are not at war with Iraq, Iran - it's nonsense..."  He excoriates the political and media world for not clarifying that the only ones who have ever attacked us are a small group of radical militants in Saudi Arabia."

Via Current.


  1. Wow. He's oversimplifying, I think, but he has some excellent points. We can't go after the Saudis because of the oil, and because of the hand-holding, kissing relationship their royalty has with the Bushes. Osama bin Laden is a Saudi Wahabi. Most thinking people know why Bush chose to make Iraq the whipping boy. The big question I get from this, is where do we go from here?

  2. Fair play to the man, havn't heard anybody say anything about the Saudi connection in years. Can't beleive the other host/guest starts laughing as he begins to speak. They all go pretty silent during his rant. Probably thought they were listning to a crazy man

  3. I've said it for years about Saudi Arabia and the bed our "leaders" laid down in nice to see it done on tv. The other question no one asks is how much money was invested in the stocks/ shares of all of the defense companies that rode the ewave of no bid contracts etc by the members of the Media station owners producers etc, every body pushed it hyped it ran with the game soooo enthusiastically .

  4. caferacers66, I agree with you. So would General Smedley Butler -


  5. Barbwire: The Bin Ladens are not Saudi Wahabi,

    the "bin Laden empire" traces its origins to Sheik Mohammed bin Laden, a native of the Chafeite (Sunni) Hadramout who emigrated [from South Yemen] to Saudi Arabia at the beginning of the century

    From http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/binladen/who/family.html

    Stan: I always love a good Smedley Butler reference.


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