20 October 2010

Use onion bags to scrub dirty dishes

"I always dreaded the prospect of trying to get the gunk of sticky flour or melted cheese out of a sponge or brush until I recently discovered a solution in the form of the netting that onions and other vegetables come packaged in. By cutting up the stiff netting bags from packaging into about 6" squares you can make reusable super scrubbing tools. A few bags will produce more than you'll need. Now when you're finished scrubbing you can toss or recycle the used nettin..."

Found at Boing Boing.


  1. Sounds good, but who the heck buys onions by the bag?

  2. Flashback time. My mother always used onion bags or insisted upon pink wads of flimsy nylon net,a can of Comet and excessive elbow grease to scrub sinks and tubs.

    According to her, it really wasn't clean until one had suffered at length on the task. Weak cleaning aids can convert housekeeping into martyrdom.

  3. Anon, our family buys them by the bag because there isn't any larger size available.

  4. Try a restaurant supply company. They have the large stainless steel scrubbies that last for months if not years. They're much heavier than the brands you get in the supermarkets, and usually a whole bag (about 10) is $5. You'll never use another, once you've used these.

  5. http://www.webstaurantstore.com/stainless-steel-heavy-weight-scouring-pads-12-pk/579300.html#review_8537


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