26 October 2010

About those glasses in your hotel room

"Fox Atlanta set up secret cameras inside 5 different hotel chains from the Holiday Inn to the Ritz Carlton and caught every single one of them failing to properly wash the room's glasses. At every single hotel, regardless of price, the glasses were simply rinsed out and left for the next guest. Some hotels used dirty bath towels to wipe the glasses. One hotel employee rinsed the glasses after cleaning the toilet—using the same gloves."


  1. Considering some of the stuff that goes on at fast food restaurants (where employees are required to have a food handler's permit) it's really no surprise that the workers aren't particularly worried about germs...

    ... I'm sure there are plenty of other potential exposés just waiting to happen - but wouldn't it be more productive to drop a hidden camera in a food processing plant, where unsanitary conditions have the potential to sicken thousands?

    (Now that seems like the kind of reporting that might make a difference - and the kind of reporting Fox News would be less eager to cover)

  2. If I'm reading this right, the people investigating broke the law (too?). It's illegal to take photos/hide cameras in any bathroom, even your own.

  3. While this was disgusting, it happened over 3 years ago. Having been a hotel employee at the time (not at one of those hotels), when this story hit, it was huge. Most hotels now have more strict housekeeping guidelines- and the majority of mid- to high-level hotels now also offer paper & plastic cups to avoid such a thing.

    Either way, I think it's always a good practice (and common sense) to clean those things before you use them. Why rely on another person's cleaning skills when it comes to glasswear?

  4. Whatever happened to good old fashioned customer service? Have we as a society gotten so lazy and inconsiderate? I for one have always taken pride in my work. I worked in healthcare for years as well as in the receiving dept of Target. (Just in case someone's assuming I had a cushy high paying desk job) Granted we has customers can be quite unreasonable as well.
    As far as the camera law issue, the camera's were in the reporter's room with his knowledge of course and how else are we going to find out what's going on? I think there should be camera's in nuring home resident rooms off and on. It's tragic what goes on behind closed doors.
    What ever happened to a little respect not only for other's but for yourself people?


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