25 October 2010

"Tuck your shirt in!"

From a booklet published in the 1940s, via Centuries of Advice and Advertisements.


  1. Wonderful solution, Stan.
    What can you do to solve the low riding pants style ?

  2. lace on the underwear? I don't know.. something tells me that just wouldn't work out.

    No, we're just in a society with no modesty, as shown via the many intimate posts people make on social sites, and the "celebrities" paraded on television and magazines. Perhaps we need to rediscover embarrassment and shame?

    1. Personally, I blame those there pool tables. Trouble with a capital T, which rhymes with P, and that stands for Pool!

      /sarcasm, if you couldn't tell.

  3. I found it most effective to point out to a young man wearing his pants sagger-style that the fashion emerged from US prisons via young male African-American culture, but what nobody realises is that prison inmates wear their pants pulled low as a way of advertising their sexual availability; telling a young man that he is in effect announcing 'my ass is yours if you want it' soon had him hauling up his beltline.

  4. Because silly little boys dont know how to rip apart sewn garments, only mothers know how to do things with clothing. God I'm glad I was born after woman's lib.


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