20 October 2010

Rosa Bonheur with Bull (1857)

A painting by Edouard-Louis Dubufe, which I thought had quite a bizarre composition until I read the biography of the lady, and discovered that she achieved her fame as a painter of animals. It's still a bizarre image, but at least now it makes more sense.

Found at Miss Folly.


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  2. After reading this article, i started researching in Google about here paintings and the results showed some of here great paintings..i don't know how she would manage this paintings in 18th century..hats off to here. She stands as an example for every painter..million thanks for sharing this news..hope you share this with face book!!

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  3. We recently bought 2 C19th prints of cattle from an antique shop for £60, and one of them (the better one)is signed by Rosa Bonheur. She didn't do the print but it's copied from one of her paintings, and the signature is genuine I think. I researched her a bit and it made me even more pleased to have it - a fascinating woman.


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