08 October 2010

"Bon Voyage" by Alfred Hitchcock

Many years ago I set myself a goal of seeing all of the Alfred Hitchcock films; most of them were readily available via cable television or library DVDs, but some seemed to be unavailable. Then I found the Internet Archive, which has an incredible number of obscure films and video clips.  I found one of my "missing" Hitchcocks there, and have embedded it above.

Bon Voyage is not one of the obscure early English films.  It's an obscure mid-career film, made after such Hollywood successes as Rebecca and Lifeboat.  I suppose the reasons it is never shown are 1) it is more of a "short" (24 minutes) than a movie, 2) it is in French, and 3) it's not all that great.  (Cinematically I think the best part comes right after 22:00 in his sequence of the girl's face).

Bon Voyage was created as a propaganda film for the British Ministry of Information in 1944.  I don't believe it has a director's cameo in it.  The only reason to watch it is if, like me, you want to view the entire filmography.

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