13 November 2009

U.S. Deports Lou Dobbs

Luis Miguel Salvador Aguila Dominguez, alias "Lou Dobbs," is escorted by DHS agents to the airport to be sent back to Mexico.

"Acting on anonymous tips from within the Hispanic-American community, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials on Wednesday deported Luis Miguel Salvador Aguila Dominguez, who for the last 48 years had been living illegally in the United States under the name Lou Dobbs."

The rest of the story is at The Onion.


  1. This story doesn't sound real. I haven't been able to confirm it anywhere else and the picture looks photoshopped.

  2. Also :

  3. Katie, I think you may be unfamiliar with The Onion. Note that I filed this under "humor," and then go explore the Onion's website for other "news" stories.

  4. My bad. :) I was worried that you were serious about this. :|
    Apparently my sense of humour took a vacation day. Sorry about that.

  5. Is it just me or is the quality of this blog dropped off in the last couple months. Lots of random low quality posting getting stuffed. I liked the more exquisit stuff. I suspect the author is moonlighting elsewhere and no longer has the time to curate this.

  6. Please ignore Anonymous. The quality has not slipped--your posts are still "exquisite".


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