29 November 2009

Stereo camera

Apparently an early version of a camera designed to create stereoscopic images. I'm old enough to remember the View-Master.

Photo credit to the New England Journal of Photographic History No 160 (2002) via FFFFound.


  1. You can still find stereoscopic cameras on E bay. I bought one! In fact, mine takes "lenticular" photographs- those kind of photos that move when you change the angle. It takes four pictures at the same time but I covered the two inner lenses with coins. http://photophun.files.wordpress.com/2007/10/nimslo_3d.jpg

    Stereoscopic images are fascinating because there are certainly things you never seen in three dimensions unmoving. Like water, or smoke. It creates a freaky effect.

  2. What, they don't make the Viewmaster anymore?

  3. I am interested in this great photo of the lady with the stereo camera. Could you list the source, please?

    1. ???

      I always list credits for every photo in this blog. The last sentence of the post reads "Photo credit to..." with a link to the via.


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