25 November 2009

The "strangest cities" in the United States

Someone at a company called Tableseed analysed all the Associated Press "strange news" stories that were released in the past year. The state with the greatest number of such stories was Florida, followed by New Hamshire (?) and Alaska.

The top ten cities yielding strange stories were...

1) New York City, NY
2) Lincoln, NE
3) Madison, WI
4) Philadelphia, PA
5) Chicago, IL
6) Cinncinnati, OH
7) Boston, MA
8) Detroit, MI
9) Dallas, TX
10) Pittsburgh, PA

The full dataset includes the ranking of 51 states (I'm very surprised that Kentucky came in 51st) and 75 cities. It's meaningless, of course - but you'll probably want to check where your state and city rank...

Via Within the Crainium.


  1. Not too surprising that Madison, WI, was 3rd on that list. It was the original home of The Onion after all.

  2. Are you taking some responsibility for this phenomenon?

  3. I certainly hope so! I can't think of a finer legacy to leave.


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