29 November 2009

Recent Neatorama posts

Video of a woodpecker battling a huge snake.

Information gleaned from the smell of old books.

Galileo's (other) finger, tooth, and thumb located.

Somebody wants Playboy - without the pictures.

Skepticism re "facilitated communication" by the Belgian man.

Optical illusion demonstrated in a short video. Impressive.

Remember when King Kong climbed the Empire State Building in the original version of the movie? The (skeleton of) that model is now up for sale.

A photo and explanation of the "green flash" seen at sunset.

An(ne) Elk has been accused of murder.

The photos are unrelated miscellaneous items found at Izismile without links to source; I'll add credits if/when I can find such.

Update: Found the door lock with a reverse image search. It's a real item - not a 'shopped image - available from ThinkGeek. And their catalogue is sitting right on my desk. Duh.

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