27 November 2009

In what category should we file Sarah Palin?

"A bird's eye view of Gov. Sarah Palin talking with Americans and signing her book "Going Rogue" at Borders bookstore during the third "Going Rogue" book signing event Thursday, November 19, 2009, in Noblesville, IN. Photo by Shealah Craighead. Copyright SarahPAC."

Note the signs. As you stand in the store, she would be to the right of politics, and under...

Hat tip to The Pajama Pundit.


  1. Politics. Regardless of personal opinion, she does have a significant impact upon national politics. Not a major impact, but definitely an impact.

  2. I agree with larrison.

    It's so funny watching people get their panties in a wad over a woman who no longer hold public office. What is it about her that makes otherwise intelligent people begin sputtering?

    I don't agree with the politics of many people but it's no big deal. I just have different beliefs.

    But when it comes to Sarah Palin, you folks can't even stand the IDEA of her. She's "the most stupid woman in America" but you are terrified of her. (If someone is truly that dumb, what are you possibly afraid of???)

    She's an "idiot" who supposedly cannot talk but, as Martha Stewart said the other day, she's "dangerous."

    That was rich coming from a felon.

  3. 'Local Affairs'...

    NO make that 'Neighborhood Beat'.

  4. Lame post. It was probably the largest open-area in the store where they could put a book-signing desk.


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